About First Commons Bank


First Commons Bank, N.A., is a nationally chartered, FDIC-insured full-service community bank dedicated to serving the businesses and individuals of Newton, Wellesley, Waltham, and eastern Massachusetts. Locations include its headquarters at 718 Beacon St. in Newton Centre, and 161 Linden Square, in Wellesley. The bank opened for business on July 22, 2009. Today, the bank’s total assets make it larger than more than half all the FDIC-insured banks in the U.S.


At First Commons Bank, we provide our clients with superior, personalized service and the highest quality banking through an onsite management team, experienced staff members, a unique and welcoming branch environment, and advanced banking technologies. Our mission is straightforward: to deliver outstanding banking experiences.  This is most easily explained by simply stating that we minimize or eliminate the primary causes of consumer dissatisfaction with the big banks. We deliver upon our promise with a four-pronged approach to:

  1. We provide legendary customer service.
    At First Commons Bank, there are no tellers or cages. Clients consult with knowledgeable representatives in semi-private office pods and transactions are facilitated with the latest banking technology.
  2. We have logical policies and onsite decision makers.
    At First Commons Bank, loan applications are simple and easy to understand. Moreover, decision makers are onsite, readily accessible, and their actions are quick and sound, using good judgment and established, clear policies.
  3. We do not have annoying fees.
    At First Commons Bank we have enacted a common sense approach to fees.  They are logical and without surprises and, importantly, there are few of them!
  4. We provide you with quick and easy access to your own money.
    At First Commons Bank we employ the latest banking technology to enable clients to have easy access their money virtually anywhere, any time. For example, clients can manage their accounts online or with mobile banking. Additionally, we usually provide very quick access to your money deposited by check, unlike some big banks which may place a hold on your funds for several days!


First Commons Bank is the realization of one man's vision to create a bank that would operate and work differently. Tony Nuzzo – the Primary Organizer, Chairman, President & CEO of First Commons Bank – began full-time work on his vision for this bank in December, 2007 by reaching out to potential investors one by one. This was a difficult period in the banking and financial industry and many people believed that Mr. Nuzzo’s contrarian perspective was ill advised.

With persistence however, Mr. Nuzzo and his initial investors raised the capital needed for the bank to open during one of the worst economic climates since the great depression. Remarkably, the capital raised was oversubscribed; and there were over 300 total shareholders when the bank opened on July 22, 2009.

Tony Nuzzo came up with the name, First Commons Bank, because it embodied his vision. He felt the use of the word "commons" was associated with the phrase "Boston Commons" which helped to ensure an immediate identification with the Bank's local Boston-area roots. He also felt that "commons" - which actually means a gathering place - was a fitting description for the bank as a community meeting place.  Further, by placing the word, "first," in front of "commons," he now created the meaning of "first among the people" using the British House of Commons as the benchmark for "the people" or "first gathering place" using the definition of "commons."

The logo design, created with the assistance of several founders, incorporates the communal spirit of a grassy Boston-area commons or gathering place through the green, wavy line at the base of the logo, which is connected to the tree. The tree is the American Elm - the Massachusetts state tree depicted in a modern art style - to communicate strength, endurance, and roots within the Commonwealth; and a new way of banking. This fresh new corporate identity breathes life into the vision of First Commons Bank.


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